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Office Cleaning

Reduce Call Outs, Increase Productivity, Save Labor

Want to increase productivity and save on labor? Having employees take on cleaning will do the opposite. Let us handle the cleaning for you, while your employees do what you pay them to do; WORK! Our Office Cleaning Services offer a great way for you to manage your labor costs and increase productivity by simply delegating those tasks to us.​

Here are the services that we offer for your office:

Standard Office Cleaning Service: In our Standard Office Cleaning, we dust, and clean all areas of your office, including restrooms, break rooms, frequently touched surfaces, common areas, and high traffic areas. Ceiling fans, vents, and baseboards are also taken care of. All appliances, mirrors, interior windows and windowsills (accessible without a ladder), pictures, fixtures, railings, and woodwork get wiped down and trash is removed too.​ All floors will be swept/vacuumed and mopped.

Deep Cleaning Service: Our Deep Cleaning Service includes everything in our Standard Office Cleaning Service, PLUS, we thoroughly clean the interiors of your appliances and cabinets, discard expired foods from your refrigerators and freezers, clean the back of your electronics and appliances, handwash the baseboards and walls, and we'll also wash and put away the dishes.

Whether you need daily cleanings, just need a weekly cleaning, or you have a visit from an investor or company executive, and want to make an impression, you can count on us to take care of your every need. Let us know how we can assist you today.

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