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Embryonic Stem Cells

​Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Get the yuck out!

For our Disinfection and Sanitization Services, we utilize a technique called electrostatic spraying. Electrodes positively charge particles in the air and combine them with the specially formulated cleaning solution that we use. The solution is then able to wrap around the surface, adhering to everything it touches. This process is harmless to surfaces, yet extremely effective in eliminating and preventing the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses. It is also effective in cleaning furniture and other hard to reach areas too. We ONLY use CDC and EPA approved chemicals for this service. To prevent inhalation of the chemicals, we strongly advise having this service conducted after business hours, or at any other time when people and animals are not present. After the process has been completed, you will be able to continue your normal daily activities

This service can be booked as a stand-alone service. However, to increase its efficacy, we highly recommend pairing it with any of our other cleaning services.


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